IT manager. Consultant. Cloud architect.

Work experience


January 2004 -


CTO, Owner in Capella Studio LTD

Hamburg, Germany and Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Responsibilities: Organization of the business, working with clients on requirements and change requests. System Architect.

Results: More than 100 successfully published projects in different areas of business. B2b and b2c e-commenrce solutions, custom ERP systems, news and media portals, mobile applications. 

August 2016 -


Director of IT  in The Schak GmbH

Hamburg, Germany


Responsibilities: Organization of the IT infrastructure, consulting,project management.

May 2006 -

May 2014      

CTO  in Systrix LLC

Atlanta, GA, United States


Responsibilities: Organization of the technical side of the business, working with clients on requirements and changes tracking. Project estimation. Architecture design decisions.

Results: More than 20 successfully developed and implemented projects in the field of e-commerce, Internet marketing, and business process management. The volume of projects, from 3-5 man-months up to 15 man-years. Created a stable team, providing a full cycle of development and maintenance projects. Project portfolio includes: different tools for internet marketers like paid content delivery, lead generation collection, statistics and feedback collection, customer tracking and affiliate management, social media integration, different SaaS from simple like name shortener with stats collection (like up to complex solutions including CRM, payments and access controlling for paid content and services.


September 2005-

December 2014       

Head of regional branch in E-day, Inc

Locarno, Switzerland


Responsibilities: The organization of the Ukrainian branch of the company, consulting on architectural design and information security.

Results: More than 10 successful projects concerned to business process management (control room reservations at the hotel is seted up in 50 hotels, secure corporate instant messaging system, human resources management system of the enterprise and vacation planner, a CV database management system for a head-hunting company). All these projects have been successfully implemented and maintained.


August 2011 –

IT Group leader in ArcticSpas Manufacturing

May 2012      

Thorsby, Alberta, Canada


Responsibilities: management of the development team, design of cloud hosting for the site of the company and dealer sites (over 100), improving of reliability and security.

Results: Established a reliable cloud hosting service based on Amazon Web Services dealer’s sites. Developed and implemented procedures and technical provision for the transfer of changes from the main website to websites of dealers. All processes are automated and require minimal human activity.


October 2009 -

May 2011      

System Architect, Project manager in uQast LLC

Atlanta, GA, United States


Responsibilities: managing the development team, designing robust and scalable hosting for the project, architecture design of the project kernel, the analysis of information security project, programming of the video transcoder based on Amazon Elastic MapReduce technology.

Results: After 2 attempts of the project implementation was carried out by previous teams it was design, development and successful launch of trading platform for marketing and sale of digital content. The system includes all the necessary tools for online marketers from the collection of leads, to the delivery of paid content. For the project was designed cloud servers array consists of 15 servers and ready to scale up to 50 or more, in the case of load increase. The commissioning of an additional server is done by 2-3 minutes. For the convenience of users was designed universal video transcoder that takes almost all video formats. Transcoder converts video for a special video player, which includes a variety of marketing tools, such as the opportunity to ask user a question while watching videos or offer a quick registration. It also developed a unique payment system, provides payment authorization, processing and calculation of affiliate commissions and fees, working on the basis of the internal currency of the project and providing all the services a modern payment system.


August 2009 -

December 2010      

Head of IT group in StomperNet LLC

Atlanta, GA, United States

Responsibilities: managing the development team, programming of e-commerce solutions on the basis of InfusionSoft system, release into the public access information products and services.

Results: During the work was carried out over 15 information products launches. The launches were carried out in a very short time and under big pressure. However, all of them were successful. All the technical problems, if there were, they were quietly corrected without users affecting. The project is specific because of the implementation of quite complex marketing solutions that require special programming.



August 2005 -

December 2006      

Head of server software development group, partner in Perl Gaming

San-Jose, Costa Rica


Responsibilities: Manage a developers team, architecture design.

Results: After 1 year of development was obtained a powerful system allows users to promote a set of similar services. In particular, online casinos and poker clubs. The system allows users to create an affiliate website based on templates and materials, organize the promotion of selected products and receive earnings from different affiliate programs in single place.


February 2004 –

April 2005      

Head of regional branch in Video Internet Technologies, LTD

Kiev, Ukraine


Responsibility: head of regional office of the company, solutions architect.

Results: It was successfully designed software and hardware solution for video surveillance for companies.


January 2002 -

December 2003      

Head of math programming department in Alarit Inc

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Responsibilities: Head of department, working with clients on changes tracking, software development.

Results: during the work there was successfully implemented several projects that required not only the good quality programming, but also the development of specific algorithms and optimization. In particular, the optical motion capturing system for creating realistic animation, the system for constructing and production of furniture, sound system and voice analysis systems, voice chat (similar to skype) with special additional features.



March 2001 -

August 2001      

Trainee in Fraunhofer IFF

Magdeburg, Germany


Responsibilities: development of the audio subsystem in the virtual reality modeling system.

Results: successfully developed and implemented an algorithm to control the sound, depending on the position of the object and the character on scene, based on the volume control left and right channels and the phase delay. As a result, created a more realistic picture of the virtual reality.