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Did Microsoft put Skype users on countdown?

December 9, 2012Max Stolbynsky0 Comments

Yesterday Skype was suddenly auto-updated to version And happened something strange. Looks like some night build appeared in the  global update system. I never saw such unstable version of this messenger. It crashes, freezes, sometimes overload CPU for few minutes without real visible activity. But most strange thing is voice chat problems. These 2 days I had few long conversations. And each of it was multiple times dropped. Scenario is always same: peer voice stops, but some background noise still present, then call quality meter became yellow and then red. And Skype try recall peer. After immediate recall only one side can hear another. You need go offline and then online and call again. About 8 years ago I had same problems when implemented custom VoIP project based on H.323. When it works behind NAT established NAT tunnel was kept some time and push distortions to new connection. So what we should assume? MS have replaced previous transport proto to H.323? Don’t think so, but publishing of really buggy version is a real fact.

Another thing was so confused me. I had pretty long call today and it was interrupted many times. But I was so surprised when I reviewed chat log. EACH part of conversation was exactly 20 min long (+/- 30 sec).

[20:33:52] *** Call from Y### K######, duration 20:29. ***
[20:57:58] *** Call to Y### K######, duration 20:20. ***
[21:39:57] *** Call to Y### K######, duration 20:21. ***
[22:21:40] *** Call ended, duration 20:21 ***
[22:42:29] *** Call ended, duration 20:21 ***
[23:03:45] *** Call ended, duration 20:41 ***

It really doesn’t look as co-accident. It looks like system.

Maybe some counter is overloaded in this time and tries to reinitialize connection or Skype has now maximal call duration. No idea… But really annoying!


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