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November 19, 2012Max Stolbynsky0 Comments

Few month ago I found new online education platform named edX. It is joint program stared by MIT, Berkeley UC and Harvard and provides online courses for world-wide students. Courses include video lections, home works with pretty smart graders and quizzes. Usually one course requires about 8-14 hours per week to watch video materials, read coursebooks and do home works. So good, video has time synchronized transcript and you can follow the text if sound is not enough clear. Each video and homework has own discussion page, so students able to discuss problems and find proper solution. Also it is good feedback for course stuff to improve materials or fix mistakes. If student passes some level by home works and quizzes he receives official certificate.

I took part in the course CS169.1x: Software as a Service. It is so interesting for me as developer and as manager, because opens so many new technologies of software development oriented  on cloud environment. Course requires pre-existing knowledge of OOP and web development and concentrated on high level methodologies like Agile, Behavior driven design (BDD) and Test driven design (TDD).

Main platform for test projects is Ruby-on-Rails – modern and powerful framework implements MVC pattern and based on Ruby language.

Thanks to professors David Patterson and Armando Fox students have got so good and deep knowledge about theoretical side of web-applications development as well as practical side too.

I really advice to visit the site of edX and look for interesting courses. There are not so much yet, every month appears new courses. So system is in development and expanding process. All courses are free and open for everybody.

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