IT manager. Consultant. Cloud architect.

Objective: To find position corresponding to my skills and experience in the information technology and web development.

Summary: Highly skilled technical manager, a leader of projects and system architect. Experience with the customer relations in terms of changing requirements, translation of customer requirements to technicians. Successful experience in development and implementation of e-commerce solutions, business process management systems. Years of experience in international and overseas team management.


June 1995 — May 2000

Zaporozhye National Technical University (H+ category)

Specialist, Master of computer science.

Wide-area computer specialist. Education includes basis of hardware development, system and application programming, networking and security.

Organization skills:

Excelent leader of small and medium-sized teams. Кnow how to work with people, manage and motivate staff and build real friendships and the atmosphere of mutual support in the team. Excelent results in the working with end-point customers. Extensive experience in development of technical specifications, changes management and project estimation. High experience in agile development, SCRUM methodology and work in dynamically changed projects. More than 8 years of experience of work with clients and co-operation teams from other countries and overseas (USA, Switzerland, Australia, Estonia, Denmark).

Technical skills:

5 years of experience in e-commerce: shopping carts and e-shops, paid content and subscription, content dripping, merchant setup and affiliate payments, the integration with payment systems. Development of distributed multiserver service-oriented systems. SaaS and PaaS solutions implementation. Extensive experience designing, implementing and maintaining Web services based on clouds (Amazon Web Services, RightScale, Rackspace Cloud). Organization of stable operation, redundancy, scalability and disaster recovery. More than 6 years of architect of the object-oriented CMS.


Cloud computing: Amazon Web Services + RightScale, Rackspace Cloud, SaaS, PaaS development.

Service-oriented protocols: SOAP, WSDL, REST, JSON.

E-commerce software: Infusion Soft, Authorize.Net, Paypal, BigCommerce, HighRise;

Web development: php/java/mysql/apache/tomcat/nginx, Ajax/Jquery/ExtJS, load balancing, CDNs, paid video/audio/text content delivery and copy protect, multivariate and genetic split-testing, user feedback collection, audience interest tracking;

Server side scripts: bash, perl, ruby;

Server administration: Linux configuration, security audit, firewalls, Win Server 2003/2008, ITIL concept;

Mobile apps development: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android.

Application development: C/C++, Pascal, Fortran77;


English: fluent reading/writing/speaking.

German: average (in active learning)

Russian: native

Ukrainian: native

Other information:

Married, have daughter.

Hobby: art photography.

Date of birth: June 5, 1978