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What you can do with youtube video using get-parameters

April 6, 2013Max Stolbynsky0 Comments

Everybody knows that youtube has simple editor where you can define few options. But in fact youtube watch (and embed also) url has much more options. Here you can find some of them i was able to find and test.

Usage:[sequence of parameters]


The v parameter specifies the VIDEO_ID. Unique alpha-numeric ID of the video.


The fmt parameter specifies the return format for the video resolution


The t parameter allows to define start time of video in the form of #t=1m15s


The hl parameter prompts the user(host) to a specific the indicated language

Chinese (Traditional) &hl=zh-TW
Czech &hl=cs-CZ
Dutch &hl=nl-NL
English (Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) &hl=en-GB
English (United States and Canada)* default value &hl=en-US
French &hl=fr-FR
German &hl=de-DE
Italian &hl=it-IT
Japanese &hl=ja-JP
Korean &hl=ko-KR
Polish &hl=pl-PL
Portuguese (Brazil) &hl=pt-BR
Russian &hl=ru-RU
Spanish (Spain) &hl=es-ES
Spanish (Mexico) &hl=es-MX
Swedish &hl=sv-SE


The gclid parameter is used in auto-tagging for Google Ad Words and will show up in the landing page URL when a user arrives at the page from the ad.


The feature parameter is assigned within Youtube to describe certain videos and where display


Any videos in response to a video will have this parameter linked to it. (Assigned within youtube)


The reverse of the above. The “child” video page will have a link to the “parent” page (Assigned within youtube)


Promoted Youtube Video (pyv) on a watch page (Must be entered within Google AdWords Editor destination url)


Promoted Youtube Video (pyv) on a channel page (Must be entered within Google AdWords Editor destination url)


The kw parameter is an indication of keyword insertion. Keyword insertion is an advanced feature that can help make an ad more relevant to a diverse audience. Each time the ad shows, AdWords will automatically replace the code with the keyword that triggered the ad. (Must be entered within Google AdWords Editor destination url)

Not clear yet:

Unfinished section

&ad= Advertisement Id assigned to an advertisement ?
&feature=recentlik Recently Liked ?
&playnext=[1 or 0]
&list=QL Queue List ?
&index=[INDEX_NO] Index of list

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